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Here are just a few of the many Kotel and Old City photoshoots I've done over the last decade. With my many years of experience, I help my clients plan the exact details ahead of the shoot to make sure we get the most out of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. It has also allowed me to develop different styles of shots that my clients love. Prices start at 850 NIS and include ALL the digital images in full printable quality and professionally edited.

  • Do you do magnets?
    I work with other photographers who do magnets at the event and I offer various print options including magnets
  • Do you do weddings?
    Yes! I work with a team of videographers, female photographers and magnet photographers to ensure everyone has a package which meets their exact needs
  • What does your base price include?
    The base price includes unlimited stills photography and all the digital pictures professionally edited and in high quality. Beyond that I offer a large variety of prints including albums, canvases, and magnets.
  • How much does an album cost?
    It depends on a few factors, size, amount of images, digital album or a print album. It can range from 150 to 800 NIS.
  • How long can I expect to receive my pictures?
    I commit to sending out all digital images no later than 3 weeks from the date they were taken. I take my commitments to my clients very seriously so you can be assured you’ll receive the pictures no later than that

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