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where unforgettable experiences meet everlasting memories

Photoventures is a unique 2-in-1 service providing a custom-tailored experience of Israel based on your preferences and a professional photoshoot providing you with high-quality, everlasting memories of your experience. Ancient ruins, beautiful lookouts, gorgeous beaches, wineries, horseback riding, rappelling, refreshing water springs, charming picnic sites, and bonfires under the stars are just a few of the endless possibilities of things to experience today and to enjoy forever. 

Combining my 10+ years of experience doing photography and traveling across Israel as well as working in field trip security, I provide my clients with a detailed itinerary based on the things that they enjoy doing of places that even many local Israelis don't know about. These experiences naturally create some of the best scenarios possible for timeless photos that you'll cherish for many years to come. A wonderful and fun way to connect to the land of Israel and finally receive high-quality, professional photos of a well-earned trip.  



Planning a trip in Israel can become quite complicated when you're unfamiliar with the locations and the different factors you need to take in mind, even for local Israelis! It can also be difficult to find truly unique and authentic activities beyond the typical tourist sites. Photoventures was created to provide Israelis and visitors alike with a truly unique experience of all the best sites and attractions Israel has to offer custom-tailored to meet your exact wishes. By combining the experience with a professional photoshoot, you'll return home with more than just a selfie or a blurry photo from a stranger you asked for a quick snapshot. You'll have high-quality photos of your well-earned vacation time to revisit time after time! 

Who's It for?


The romantic sites and options for a couples Photoventure are endless! Photoventures is a great way to spend quality time together doing something you love and creating invaluable memories.


Want to spend quality time with your kids and have a great time? Is it time for some new family portraits and you want to do something totally unique? Photoventures would be a great fit for your family! 


Our Packages



A 30-minute phone call session where we'll plan a perfect itinerary for you based on your location, budget, mobility and above all, your preferences of the things you enjoy. After the phone call you'll receive a written and detailed itinerary. Satisfaction guaranteed! You only pay after the phone call. 

350 NIS



The basic package PLUS up to 1.5 hours of travel and shooting time

Up to 2 separate locations

All the digital photos, unlimited

Professionally edited

Competitive prices on prints 

1,200 NIS



The basic package PLUS up to 3 hours of travel and shooting time

Up to 3 separate locations

All the digital photos, unlimited

Professionally edited

Free online, password-protected client gallery

2,000 NIS

Additional fees may apply when hiring additional venders such as rapelling guides, horseback riding, etc. 

Custom-tailored packages can be discussed as well. 

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